Sunday, July 4, 2010

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK for Darius Cordell Designs - For Sale Ads - Used and New

This is a link that takes you to a list of customer service comments for the company Darius Cordell.

These are real, factual and true comments from those clients where they tell about their experiences.

Each one of these clients were able to read and understand all of the information and disclosures provided to them on the Q & A page as well as on the contract order form that is required with all order request.

It has been proven time and time again that when a client does not read carefully the information that is provided then the client can become frustrated and/or may not be aware of all policies.  In some instances those types of clients tend not to want to admit to their over site and instead choose to blame others.  We obviously do not want that to happen.

So, if you are considering to purchase any type of evening wear or bridal garment from Darius Cordell it is highly suggested that you take your time to review all of the documents and disclosures that are made to avoid any confusions or misunderstandings.